"Hello, World!"

captures the first magical moments of programming through beautiful artistic exposition. 

"Hello, World!"

"Hello, World!" Book

"Hello, World!" Book

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"Hello, World!" E-book

"Hello, World!" E-book

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What is "Hello, World!"

The “Hello, World!” command is the first and most basic program that one executes when learning how to program. The crazy thing about it is that it’s written differently in every programming language, despite doing the same thing in all of them. Just about every programmer marks the beginning of their programming career with the "Hello, World!" command.

Why "Hello, World!"

Until now, programmers have had no way of showing off what they do in their homes. This book is an open door to dialogue and discussion about the world of programming, its roots, and its depth. Whether you program as a hobby or a profession, "Hello, World!" is the perfect book for your coffee table. Each two-sheet spread reserves one page as a display of the "Hello, World!" command and the other for fun facts about the language, its history, and uses.

What's inside?

• A two-page spread for each language detailing the history and some interesting facts about the programming language, as well as the code for the "Hello, World!" command.

• A timeline which places all of the programming languages chronologically, so you can see how languages developed and built upon each other.

• A glossary to help explain all the different terminology and features that make each language unique and useful

•.QR codes for learning more about each language, and even how to program in it!

What are the features?

• 9"x9" hardcover bound

• 96 pages

• 40+ programming languages

• Glossary

• Printed on #100 gloss paper

• Programming language timeline